15% discount off Elemis skincare at Head to Toe Shop.

April 5, 2013

15% discount off Elemis skincare at Head to Toe Shop.

Use discount code ELEMIS15 at checkout to get 15% all Elemis Skincare products from http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk.


25% OFF Aveda hair and skincare products.

March 7, 2013

25% OFF Aveda hair and skincare products.

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Carly Green Joins Head to Toe Salon Oxford’s creative hair team.

March 7, 2012

Head to Toe is delighted to announce that we have extended our specialist hair team even further and we will be joined by Carly Green on 6th March 2012.

hairstylistCarly brings with her a wealth of experience at a senior level and specialises in cutting and styling. For a limited time only, we are offering new clients to Head to Toe Hair service 50% off a Cut and Finish with Carly. This offer is only valid until April 30th 2012 so call now to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget to forward this e mail to friends who may like enjoy a cut and finish with Carly!

Please bring in the following voucher to redeem your discount at point of payment.

carlygreen voucher

Call (01865) 730044 to book appointments.

15% off all Lulu’s Operation Glam haircare products at www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

August 17, 2011
Lulu's Operation Glam haircare at www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

15% off all Lulu hair and skincare products at http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Thoughts from Lulu….Making hair look glamorous isn’t easy…especially if you weren’t blessed with naturally thick, full hair. You need exceptional products. Operation: Glam is a full range of products uniquely formulated to make fine hair look more full and thin hair appear thicker. In all my years of performing on stage, on TV or on the big screen, I have searched for products and ingredients that can really transform – whether someone from my glam squad is doing my hair, or whether I am doing it myself. This range of products is like having your own “glam squad” right at your fingertips. Get 15% off all Lulu products athttp://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk/brands/lulu.html.

20% off all Kerastase haircare products at www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

August 10, 2011
20% off all Kerastase products at www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

20% Off all Kerastase haircare at http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Kerastase is now considered to be one of the UK’s top selling professional quality haircare ranges, with products to suit all hair types, and specific treatments for all hair conditions. Head to Toe salon have been using and recommending Kerastase haircare for over fifteen years, and continue to offer hair these luxury treatments in salon, and a huge 20% off all Kerastase haircare products atwww.headtotoeshop.co.uk. Also, for a limited time you get a FREE Kerastase styling brush when you buy two Kerastase products on-line. Just visithttp://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk​/brands/kerastase.html

Great value Paul Mitchell 1 litre haircare from www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

August 3, 2011
Buy great value Paul Mitchell shampoo, conditioners and styling products from www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Buy great value Paul Mitchell shampoo, conditioners and styling products from http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Big is beautiful…and better value! That’s just what we are offering for all of you fans of Paul Mitchell. We have a selection of 1litre Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioners, which represent fantastic value for money. Don’t waste money on poor quality shampoos and conditioners from supermarkets, when you can get professional quality haircare delivered direct to your door for the equivalent value. Visit our Paul Mitchell page at http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk​/brands/paul-mitchell.html, and order today.

NEOM Organics reed diffusers from www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

July 12, 2011
Head to Toe Shop offer NEOM Organics on-line.

NEOM Real Luxury Reed Diffuser from http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

The NEOM Organics reed diffuser is the ultimate in luxury home fragrance diffuser. This is organics at their best, offering a combination of room fragrance with relaxing aromatic scents to fill your room with exotic sensations and holistic aromatics.

Product Description:
A beautiful glass bottle holds the precious scent-diffusing oil made using only the highest quality blend of pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. Once inserted into the bottle, the natural reed sticks absorb the oil blend and gradually diffuse the scent into your home. Like their award-winning candles and room mists, each reed diffuser is designed to give you a specific treatment, depending on the scent you choose.

80% certified organic ingredients; 20% natural ingredients

Bottle height: 8cm Bottle width: 6.5cm
Height of glass bottle with reeds inserted: 24cm
Lasts up to 4 weeks

MoroccanOil Treatment Orginal and Light Limited Edition 125ml – Receive 25% Extra Free from www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

July 8, 2011
Discount Moroccan Oil at www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Moroccan Oil Treatment light and original 125ml 25% extra free from http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Notice the difference. With a few drops of the award winning Moroccan Oil Original or Light Treatment, hair will feel refreshed, revitalised and restored.

A conditioning, styling and finishing tool, the Moroccan Oil Original and Light Treatment improves manageability by helping to nourish and detangle the hair and reduce time spent blow-drying.

Suitable for all hair types, the irresistible argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Treatment will instantly absorb into the hair to help create luminous shine and luxurious, silky perfection after just one application.

For a limited time only, and while stocks last Head to Toe Shop are offering 125ml of Moroccan Oil Light and Original for the price of 100ml, visit http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk/brands/moroccan-oil.html


www.headtotoeshop.co.uk launches NEOM Organics on-line.

June 23, 2011
Head to Toe Shop launch NEOM Organic products

NEOM Reed Diffuser and range of products are available from http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Back in 2005 NEOM Luxury Organics was launched with a clear vision and a huge amount of passion.

They were tired of choosing between products that were either organic, but non-too-glamorous and certainly didn’t smell so great or act effectively, and products that certainly looked pretty but were full of harsh chemicals and synthetic scents. They had a clear vision to create a modern, organic, luxurious lifestyle brand.

Neom’s dream was to create products that were as organic as they were effective, as gorgeous and pampering as they smelt divine and perhaps most importantly, as effective as their synthetic counterparts. Even if a product has all the right credentials and is as organic as you can get, if it doesn’t smell beautiful and isn’t a joy to use, you won’t come back and use it time and again.

As Neom started their steep learning curve of the world of organic beauty, they were excited to find that by replacing synthetic scents with high percentages of essential oils, their beautiful, organic products also worked as aromatherapy treatments – so bath oils really could relax you, candles could create that feeling of TLC after a hard day and shower gels could give you a boost of energy.

New studies show that the average woman is using over 250 chemicals on her skin every day – isn’t it time to create a luxurious, organic zone in your home?

A modern luxurious take on beauty and home treatments.

www.headtotoeshop.co.uk are excited to introduce you to the benefits of beautiful, organic Neom products that also work as holistic treatments because their essential oil content is so high.

Neom are obsessed with getting you to reduce your chemical count. They strongly oppose synthetic scents and harsh ingredients but they also believe beauty should be about spoiling yourself, fabulous scents and utter indulgence. So if Neom can’t make you feel pampered then no one can.

Neom have created the most incredibly powerful, organic range of luxury bath and body products that all work as treatments to make you feel a whole lot more relaxed, more energised or even just a whole lot happier – depending on the treatment you select for your mood. Head to Toe Shop are proud to have been selected to offer this exclusive and prestigious range, and are one of the few on-line retailers chosen to offer this range.

Experience the Neom cult, beauty-editor favourite candles to vitamin packed anti ageing body oils, deeply pampering bath oils in precious glass bottles and organic room mists. Neom hand washes and lotions allow you to experience a little everyday organic luxury whilst dramatically reducing your chemical count – the perfect gift.

Home Candles

These NEOM Luxury Organics Home Candles have now become cult, beauty editor favourites. Made with only a blend of vegetable wax and pure essential oils – there’s no paraffin wax (the by product of which is petroleum), no synthetic scents and absolutely no additional chemicals. As the candle fills the room with scent and you breathe in, it works as a treatment to relax, revive or pamper. Simply choose the best treatment for you…

Travel Candles

The NEOM Luxury Organics Travel Candles are the perfect option for scenting smaller rooms, as a beautiful gift or simply to trial a new treatment. With a burn time of approximately 20 hours, they are super powerful for their size and still work as proper holistic treatments on a slightly smaller scale.

Organic Hand Wash & Lotion

Protect your hands every day with these gentle hand washes & lotions in three scents. Packed with soothing extracts (Chamomile & Apricot in the gentle wash and Macadamia nut & Pomegranate in the lotion) you can treat yourself to a little organic luxury everyday whilst radically reducing your chemical count. Perfect price gift too for converting friends to organic.

Organic Room Mists

Instantly change the way you feel with an Organic Room Mist. Spritz onto fabric (10cm distance) for the scent to cling and the best effects. We like Tranquillity on our bed sheets, Refresh beside our desks for an energy boost, Real Luxury on our ironing, Restore for bringing a little peace back into your world and Complete Bliss on the rugs, carpets and even behind the radiator.

Organic Body Oils

Ultra light to use, these organic body oils sink in double quick leaving you with really, really soft skin. If you need a boost of nourishing rehydration, not only do they restore dry skin and leave you glowing – but as the organic Safflower and Jojoba are rich in vitamins A & E as well as essential fatty acids, they help with skin repair & anti ageing. A blissful everyday skin treat – you’ll notice a huge difference when you start using this body oil, trust us!

Organic Body Wash & Lotion

Gently cleanse yourself with this softening organic body wash, packed with Aloe Leaf and Chamomile flower, then smooth on this nourishing body lotion with it’s rich blend of vitamin A & E packed Shea butter, Macadamia nut & Rosemary Leaf. For irresistibly silky soft skin use your duo every day, whilst inhaling the fabulous aromas. An easy way to enjoy organic goodness.

Organic Bath Oils

Just one capful (or two if you are spoiling yourself) will transform your bathroom into a calming haven of organic bliss whilst the organic Safflower & Jojoba will hydrate and nourish your skin. Also try dabbing a little on your décolletage before a shower for an amazing scented experience. Try Tranquillity before bed, Refresh before a night out and Restore after the gym. Complete Bliss & Real Luxury, anytime, anywhere.

Head to Toe Shop have been retailing the world’s leading hair and beauty products for over twenty years. We are pleased to offer Neom Organics products together with many other of your daily skincare brands delivered direct to your door (UK).

VIDEO GUIDE: Argan Oil Treatment from Kerastase and www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

June 17, 2011
Kerastase Elixir Ultime from www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

Kerastase Elixir Ultime from http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

VIDEO GUIDE: Argan Oil Treatment from Kerastase. Argan Oil has been the buzz word(s) for the past eighteen months, we are sure you will have noticed it getting into a range of hair and now skin products. Kerastase have taken an innovative approach to this type of styling and conditioning product with a unique mix of four special oils, each one bringing its own benefits. Watch the video on the link page video tab to see an introduction to this oil. Kerastase Elixir Ultime is a very popular product, from one of our most popular hair care ranges, so its worth a watch if you are new to Argan Oil!