Lulu’s Haircare products, looking glamorous with

Head to Toe Shop bring big discounts to Lulu's hair and skincare

Great discounts off Lulu's haircare and skincare at

Making hair look glamorous isn’t easy…especially if you weren’t blessed with naturally thick, full hair. You need exceptional products. Operation: Glam is a full range of products uniquely formulated to make fine hair look more full and thin hair appear thicker. Lulu says, ‘In all my years of performing on stage, on TV or on the big screen, I have searched for products and ingredients that can really transform – whether someone from my glam squad is doing my hair, or whether I am doing it myself. This range of products is like having your own “glam squad” right at your fingertips’.

Head to Toe Shop brings this range of successful haircare, along with Lulu’s skincare products at great discounts, delivered direct to your door. The Lulu range has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, and now is starting to have an incredibly strong following. Lulu looked specifically at the issues she had with her hair, and her skin, and worked with top people in the industry to address those issues and create this successful range.

To find out more about Lulu’s products and to purchase them just visit . You get big discounts, fast delivery, and great service at Head to Toe Shop. is the on-line retail arm of Head to Toe, the five star salon in the heart of Oxfordshire. They offer large discounts and low prices on many of the world’s leading salon hair and skincare brands. They are delivered direct to your door, and UK orders are free delivery for orders over £30.00.



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