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Great discounts on KMS California from Head to Toe Shop

At least 25% Off all KMS shampoo, conditioners, and styling products at http://www.headtotoeshop.co.uk

At www.headtotoeshop.co.uk we bring you great deals all of the time. At the moment you can get at least 25% off ALL KMS California haircare products. If you are not familiar with this range, or have often wondered about its background and philosophy, we thought we would bring together some more information for you.

KMS believe in individuality. They believe in the freedom of style, self-expression, and the right to create without limits. The California heritage drives their passion for haircare science, the latest technology and natural ingredients. KMS are dedicated to bringing you products which allow you to explore your  own individual style.

California. The birthplace of cool. The land of diverse beauty. And the inspiration of KMS California haircare products. Inspired by the vibe and vibrancy of California, they have taken the culture, diversity, and spirit of California and bottled it. From beach casual to Hollywood glam and all the beautiful people in between, they are KMS California.


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