Lulu’s Time Bomb – My Secret Weapon in the War on Ageing, available from

Lulu skincare available at discounted prices from

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At Head to Toe Shop we like to get under the skin of the product ranges that we offer, and wherever possible find out more about the person who is behind that range. In the case of the Lulu skincare range, it becomes even more interesting as the singing icon Lulu is behind each and every product, so let’s hear what Lulu has to say about her Time Bomb range.

They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and I can vouch for that. I was about 40 years old when I really started to notice the first signs of ageing, and I knew I had to do something. As an entertainer looking youthful is critical and I want to perform ‘til I drop. So all it took was those first few wrinkles…I started doing my own “research sessions” and product testing. I wanted to understand what was happening to my skin, and what could be done about it. The most important thing I learned is that as we age, our skin stops doing naturally the things that keep us looking young – it stops regenerating, sloughing off dead cells, and producing natural oils in abundance – and because of this, our skin starts to become dull, dry, uneven and wrinkly!

I was lucky to have access to Dr. Joe Cincotta, one of the award-winning chemists from the John Frieda Hair Company. Dr. Joe got his start in skin care, and had lots of ideas and know-how to help me. Together we formulated products that would do for my skin the things it was no longer doing for itself…the creams and cleansers and oils that I’ve been using ever since and are now in the Time Bomb product range.

I’ve worked with Dr. Joe for about twenty years now and if I really do look good for my age I attribute it to the painstaking work we’ve done together. The Time Bomb range is the result of years of trying to find what products and ingredients make the biggest difference. We approached each problem area relentlessly and if I did not see results, it was back to the drawing board. I am convinced that my fine Scottish skin could easily look like an old dried prune right now if it were not for Time Bomb.

Lulu’s Time Bomb range is available at great low prices from, where you can find many of the award winning products from Lulu’s complete skincare range. Head to Toe Shop has been offering the world’s leading salon skincare and haircare ranges for over twenty years from its base in the heart of Oxfordshire, UK.


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