Beautiful tanned legs – in an instant with St Tropez and

Perfect legs at with St Tropez false tanning products.
St Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs at

Continuing with our programme of bringing extra knowledge and information to you to help with your beauty routines we thought we would touch on the sometimes varied world of self tanning products. At Head to Toe Shop we have the leading self tanning salon ranges, so if you are looking for your holiday products or just want to reveal more skin ready for summer, visit our site for great discounts and products.

St Tropez have developed a product to help give you beautiful legs all year round with that sun kissed effect straight out of a bottle. This ultra-rich, radical tanning duo combines a gradual self tan and a flawless finish of instant bronze especially for legs. Infused with soothing Aloe and a marine extract, you will have a gorgeous natural-looking tan that lasts. So whatever your skin type it’s easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.

We don’t just leave it there, if you visit  and click on the description/video tab, you can watch an instructional video of how to apply the product, so that you have great looking legs and not streaky blotchy legs!

We offer a growing range of instructional videos on the products that we offer, so always look out for the video tab to see if we have a video for your favourite product, or for that product you always wanted to know more about.


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