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Getting the most out of your hair straightening irons with

June 16, 2011

VIDEO GUIDE: Getting the most out of your Cloud Nine hair straighteners. Today we have a special treat. You get three for the price of one, or actually for FREE! If you follow the link you get three instructional videos on how to get great results from your Cloud Nine Straightening irons.
The first video shows you how to create stunning Beach Waves just in time for the holiday season and that cool beach look.
The second video gives you Kinky Straight a great summer look, and an interesting way to vary your style for those long summer days!
The third video gives you the classic Crimp look, a variation for those that want a change but keeping it classic.

Follow the link and click on the video tab to unleash your Cloud Nine irons, and if you are looking to update your straightening irons, we have the Cloud Nine salon irons as well as the all time classic GHD at great prices.


Cloud nine hair straighteners from

Cloud nine hair straighteners from


Beautiful case gift wraps the Cloud Nine TheO Pod.

November 18, 2010

Cloud Nine have launched a very special Christmas gift pack for their TheO induction hair curler Pod, and it is available delivered free to your door* from


What must be the biggest hair innovation this year was launched to great reviews as the next big thing in salon and home hairdressing. Throw away those old cumbersome heated roller boxes, and say hello to TheO Pod. This small lightweight pod uses patented induction technology to heat up individual rollers in only four seconds. You then can apply each roller without the need for awkward pins or years of training, to produce that Cheryl Cole hair volume you have only dreamed of.


Up until now these Pods have only been available uncased, with the rollers being purchased separately. Now however, Cloud Nine have produced a beautiful faux leather case that not only houses the pod, but also includes 4x 30mm rollers, 4x 40mm rollers, and 4x 50mm rollers as well as Amplifying Spray and a sectioning comb. This is truly a beautiful package, and will allow you to never be without those vital rollers when you leave the house.


To add to benefits of this wonderful package, are selling the whole gift pack for £195.00, which represents a considerable saving over the individual items. To find out more visit, and you can view a video of how to use this new technology, but beware, once you have seen it, you will want one!


HEAD to TOE Shop is the on-line arm of the very successful five star hair and beauty salon based in Oxfordshire. They offer premium professional salon brands delivered direct to your door, at the lowest possible prices. To find out more about HEAD to TOE Shop visit, where you can browse for all of your Christmas gifts, and gain high quality professional advice at the touch of a button.


*For delivery to the UK.

Cloud Nine TheO at

Cloud Nine TheO gift pack at HEAD to TOE Shop