Getting the most out of your hair straightening irons with

June 16, 2011

VIDEO GUIDE: Getting the most out of your Cloud Nine hair straighteners. Today we have a special treat. You get three for the price of one, or actually for FREE! If you follow the link you get three instructional videos on how to get great results from your Cloud Nine Straightening irons.
The first video shows you how to create stunning Beach Waves just in time for the holiday season and that cool beach look.
The second video gives you Kinky Straight a great summer look, and an interesting way to vary your style for those long summer days!
The third video gives you the classic Crimp look, a variation for those that want a change but keeping it classic.

Follow the link and click on the video tab to unleash your Cloud Nine irons, and if you are looking to update your straightening irons, we have the Cloud Nine salon irons as well as the all time classic GHD at great prices.


Cloud nine hair straighteners from

Cloud nine hair straighteners from


How to get volume into fine hair by and Aveda Pure Abundance Products.

June 14, 2011
Get volume into thin hair at with Aveda Pure Abundance

Get volume into thin hair at with Aveda Pure Abundance products.

VIDEO GUIDE: How to get volume into fine hair. We have selected Aveda‘s great video instruction for this problem. Many people have thin hair and would love extra volume, Aveda have a range of Pure abundance products dedicated to increasing volume. Visit the video tab at for an informative guide to increasing volume in your hair.

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Aveda Control Force Hair Spray at

June 8, 2011
Head to Toe Shop offers Aveda Control Force at discounted price

Aveda Control Force firm hold hairspray at

Control Force is Aveda’s number one hairspray which was successfully launched in June 2010.

Firm hold aerosol spray is a key styling need for both professional stylists and for styling at home. Control Force is a firm hold aerosol hair spray with organically-derived flax seed, marshmallow root and aloe. It provides all-day firm hold, control and 24 hour humidity defence with a natural, healthy looking shine. This fast drying, firm hold ‘finishing spray’ is the perfect compliment to Aveda’s successful Air Control (medium hold) ‘working’ aerosol hair spray.


  • Control Force and Air Control have a net-zero impact on the Earth’s climate through Aveda’s funding of renewable energy.


  • The corn derived humectant zemea, provides flexibility and helps prevent flaking.


  • Contains rice bran, which is a natural UV protectant.


To get great discounts, further information and watch the latest Aveda video for Control Force go to, simply select the video tab on the product page.

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Free Kerastase Hair Brush with order* at

June 6, 2011 offer free Kerastase hairbrush.

Buy two full size Kerastase products at and get a free Kerastase hairbrush.

When you buy two full size Kerastase hair products from, you will receive the beautiful Kerastase hairbrush in velvet feel gift bag. This beautiful gift is yours absolutely free when you buy any two full size haircare products from the extensive range of salon quality Kerastase haircare products.

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Free hairbrush with order of two full size Kerastase products. Limited stock,  so offer is subject to availability.

Beautiful tanned legs – in an instant with St Tropez and

June 2, 2011
Perfect legs at with St Tropez false tanning products.
St Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs at

Continuing with our programme of bringing extra knowledge and information to you to help with your beauty routines we thought we would touch on the sometimes varied world of self tanning products. At Head to Toe Shop we have the leading self tanning salon ranges, so if you are looking for your holiday products or just want to reveal more skin ready for summer, visit our site for great discounts and products.

St Tropez have developed a product to help give you beautiful legs all year round with that sun kissed effect straight out of a bottle. This ultra-rich, radical tanning duo combines a gradual self tan and a flawless finish of instant bronze especially for legs. Infused with soothing Aloe and a marine extract, you will have a gorgeous natural-looking tan that lasts. So whatever your skin type it’s easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.

We don’t just leave it there, if you visit  and click on the description/video tab, you can watch an instructional video of how to apply the product, so that you have great looking legs and not streaky blotchy legs!

We offer a growing range of instructional videos on the products that we offer, so always look out for the video tab to see if we have a video for your favourite product, or for that product you always wanted to know more about.

Lulu’s Time Bomb – My Secret Weapon in the War on Ageing, available from

June 1, 2011
Lulu skincare available at discounted prices from

Lulu Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil from

At Head to Toe Shop we like to get under the skin of the product ranges that we offer, and wherever possible find out more about the person who is behind that range. In the case of the Lulu skincare range, it becomes even more interesting as the singing icon Lulu is behind each and every product, so let’s hear what Lulu has to say about her Time Bomb range.

They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and I can vouch for that. I was about 40 years old when I really started to notice the first signs of ageing, and I knew I had to do something. As an entertainer looking youthful is critical and I want to perform ‘til I drop. So all it took was those first few wrinkles…I started doing my own “research sessions” and product testing. I wanted to understand what was happening to my skin, and what could be done about it. The most important thing I learned is that as we age, our skin stops doing naturally the things that keep us looking young – it stops regenerating, sloughing off dead cells, and producing natural oils in abundance – and because of this, our skin starts to become dull, dry, uneven and wrinkly!

I was lucky to have access to Dr. Joe Cincotta, one of the award-winning chemists from the John Frieda Hair Company. Dr. Joe got his start in skin care, and had lots of ideas and know-how to help me. Together we formulated products that would do for my skin the things it was no longer doing for itself…the creams and cleansers and oils that I’ve been using ever since and are now in the Time Bomb product range.

I’ve worked with Dr. Joe for about twenty years now and if I really do look good for my age I attribute it to the painstaking work we’ve done together. The Time Bomb range is the result of years of trying to find what products and ingredients make the biggest difference. We approached each problem area relentlessly and if I did not see results, it was back to the drawing board. I am convinced that my fine Scottish skin could easily look like an old dried prune right now if it were not for Time Bomb.

Lulu’s Time Bomb range is available at great low prices from, where you can find many of the award winning products from Lulu’s complete skincare range. Head to Toe Shop has been offering the world’s leading salon skincare and haircare ranges for over twenty years from its base in the heart of Oxfordshire, UK.

Summer hair Protection from Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray at

May 31, 2011
Summer hair protection from Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray at

Moroccan Oil Glimmer shine spray available from

A finishing shine spray that adds that instant diamond shine to any style. The Glimmer Shine Spray attracts and reflects light, allowing your hair to be the centre of attention and ‘red carpet’ ready at all times.

Stylist Top Tips:

The Glimmer Shine Spray is a great tool for use as a colour enhancer. It brings out the richness of the colour, the depth of low lights and the brightness of blonds.

Apply to hair as a grand finale – a finishing touch. Mist over the hair and guide with your hands to allow it to settle. For best results allow the product to dry for 3-4 minutes to seal in shine before touching. Result – intensified, lustrous shine.

Summer Sun

Glimmer Shine Spray – The perfect beach buddy! Throw it in your beach bag and apply to your hair before you go in the sun to help protect your hair from the elements: sun, salt water and chlorine.

As well as helping to prevent salon colour from fading, this remarkable shine spray will also help to stop your hair from drying out in the sun.

Stylist Top Tips:

When on the beach, apply spray to dry hair and run it through with your fingers. This will turn the Glimmer Shine Spray into an intense protection treatment. It will also create a separated, beachy texture – so either pull your hair up into a pony tail or loose bun and enjoy the sun!

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How to create smoky eyes make-up with and New Cid Cosmetics.

May 27, 2011
How to produce smoky eye effect with New CID Cosmetics and Head to Toe Shop
New Cid cosmetics i-smoulder charcoal from
We thought we would start to develop extra value here at HEAD to TOE Shop by giving you links into educational videos and product knowledge. We are starting today with ‘How to produce that perfect smoky eye effect’.To find out how you can get that dramatic sexy effect on your eyes go to the following link and click on the ‘description/video’ tab under the product:

All of the New CID Cosmetics products are available delivered direct to your door. We hope you enjoy it! retail many of the world’s leading salon brands direct to your door at discounted prices and with fast delivery.

Valera – Professional quality salon hairdryers from

May 26, 2011

Head to Toe Shop have introduced the Valera Black Swiss Turbo 8200 hairdryer, the lightest 2000W professional hairdryer with ions generator in its category.

This Swiss built professional hairdryer just oozes quality which reflects the difference between retail hairdryers and professional dryers designed to withstand the rigours and demands of a busy professional salon. The ion generator helps keep moisture trapped in the hair and helps to keep the hair silky and smooth. Now you can benefit from salon quality hair tools at home from

When you pick this hairdryer up, you can just feel the quality, and if creating a great style with the very best equipment is important to you, then this is the dryer for you.

Salon quality hair styling tools from

Valera ST8200 professional salon hairdryer from

KMS Flatout anti-humidity seal with free shampoo & conditioner from

May 25, 2011

KMS Flat Out anti-humidity seal has been created for people with coarse, curly, frizzy or unruly hair. This great product fights humidity and frizz and adds shine to the final style which all helps to keeps hair looking sleek, shiny and smooth. To help celebrate this successful hair product KMS California have introduced a special pack with a Free 30ml Colorvitality shampoo and a 30ml Colorvitality conditioner with the Flatout anit-humidity seal.

To ensure you get these two free products when you order KMS Flatout anti-humidity seal go to

This is a limited availability offer with limited stocks so order early to get your free products.

Free gifts from KMS California.
KMS Flatout anti-humidity seal with free shampoo and conditioner from