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15% off all Lulu’s Operation Glam haircare products at

August 17, 2011
Lulu's Operation Glam haircare at

15% off all Lulu hair and skincare products at

Thoughts from Lulu….Making hair look glamorous isn’t easy…especially if you weren’t blessed with naturally thick, full hair. You need exceptional products. Operation: Glam is a full range of products uniquely formulated to make fine hair look more full and thin hair appear thicker. In all my years of performing on stage, on TV or on the big screen, I have searched for products and ingredients that can really transform – whether someone from my glam squad is doing my hair, or whether I am doing it myself. This range of products is like having your own “glam squad” right at your fingertips. Get 15% off all Lulu products at


VIDEO GUIDE: Argan Oil Treatment from Kerastase and

June 17, 2011
Kerastase Elixir Ultime from

Kerastase Elixir Ultime from

VIDEO GUIDE: Argan Oil Treatment from Kerastase. Argan Oil has been the buzz word(s) for the past eighteen months, we are sure you will have noticed it getting into a range of hair and now skin products. Kerastase have taken an innovative approach to this type of styling and conditioning product with a unique mix of four special oils, each one bringing its own benefits. Watch the video on the link page video tab to see an introduction to this oil. Kerastase Elixir Ultime is a very popular product, from one of our most popular hair care ranges, so its worth a watch if you are new to Argan Oil!

Getting the most out of your hair straightening irons with

June 16, 2011

VIDEO GUIDE: Getting the most out of your Cloud Nine hair straighteners. Today we have a special treat. You get three for the price of one, or actually for FREE! If you follow the link you get three instructional videos on how to get great results from your Cloud Nine Straightening irons.
The first video shows you how to create stunning Beach Waves just in time for the holiday season and that cool beach look.
The second video gives you Kinky Straight a great summer look, and an interesting way to vary your style for those long summer days!
The third video gives you the classic Crimp look, a variation for those that want a change but keeping it classic.

Follow the link and click on the video tab to unleash your Cloud Nine irons, and if you are looking to update your straightening irons, we have the Cloud Nine salon irons as well as the all time classic GHD at great prices.


Cloud nine hair straighteners from

Cloud nine hair straighteners from

25% Discount off ALL KMS Hair Care at

April 21, 2011
Great discounts on KMS California from Head to Toe Shop

At least 25% Off all KMS shampoo, conditioners, and styling products at

At we bring you great deals all of the time. At the moment you can get at least 25% off ALL KMS California haircare products. If you are not familiar with this range, or have often wondered about its background and philosophy, we thought we would bring together some more information for you.

KMS believe in individuality. They believe in the freedom of style, self-expression, and the right to create without limits. The California heritage drives their passion for haircare science, the latest technology and natural ingredients. KMS are dedicated to bringing you products which allow you to explore your  own individual style.

California. The birthplace of cool. The land of diverse beauty. And the inspiration of KMS California haircare products. Inspired by the vibe and vibrancy of California, they have taken the culture, diversity, and spirit of California and bottled it. From beach casual to Hollywood glam and all the beautiful people in between, they are KMS California.

Save 25% off Moroccan Oil 25ml at

February 4, 2011

So, you have never tried Moroccan Oil, but keep hearing about it, and seeing it in the press? What’s all the fuss about? Well here is your chance to find out. are offering, for a limited time, 25% off the small bottle of Moroccan Oil. So, instead of paying £12.85 for the 25ml bottle you only pay £9.65, a 25% saving! Although this is a smaller travel size bottle, there is still plenty of product to last you a while, as you use so little of the product on each application. There has never been a better time to try it for yourself, and find out what all the talk is about!

Save 25% off Moroccan Oil at

Save 25% off Moroccan Oil 25ml at

MoroccanOil – The facts and truth behind the hype by

August 19, 2010
Moroccan Oil at

Moroccan Oil Treatment 100ml from has been selling MoroccanOil products since their launch in the UK. This range of products is taking the hair industry by storm, so we thought we would bring you a little more background information about Moroccan Oil and the whole the range.

The luxury brand, Moroccanoil, is the originator and leading manufacturer of professional Argan Oil hair products and the fastest growing independent company in the professional salon industry.

A powerful antioxidant and UV protector, Moroccanoil’s proprietary Argan oil blend is rich in vitamins and natural elements that fortify the hair, including Vitamin F (Omega 6), Vitamin A to improve elasticity, Vitamin E to protect against free-radicals, and Phenols to shield against environmental stressors.

Salon-exclusive Moroccanoil products have a strong following among leading runway, film, television and celebrity stylists who search for the very finest for their A-list clients. Moroccanoil is a backstage fixture frequently used to create hair for major magazine covers, fashion editorial spreads, as well as for award shows including the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, Independent Spirit Awards and MTV Awards. The products available in the UK from MoroccanOil are Moroccan Oil, Moisture Repair Shampoo, Moisture Repair Conditioner, Hydrating Styling Cream, Intense Curl Cream, Glimmer shine spray, Intense Hydrating Mask and the Restorative Hair Mask. New products that will be coming along are Moroccan Oil Light Treatment*, Luminous Hair Spray*, Dry No More Scalp Treatment*. (*Not in the UK as of 19/08/10)

Moroccanoil’s Argan oil is harvested under a fair trade program which provides substantial socio-economic support to thousands of families in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco. Revenue from this project provides income to families and helps improve the working conditions of rural women. It is also used for reading, writing and management classes, as well as for modern infrastructure and technology that help make harvesting easier and more efficient, ensuring long-term management of the Argan forest.

There is only one Moroccanoil brand on the market. Look for the bright turquoise blue label with the large copper M in the Moroccanoil logo. These are the only genuine, proprietary Moroccanoil products. There has been an increase in fake and counterfeit products being sold on the market, so ensure you only buy from officially authorized salon retailers, as some fake products have been found with ingredients that could be harmful to the hair, and will certainly not give the results achievable from the genuine MoroccanOil products. You can be confident that when purchasing your Moroccan Oil from, you are getting the best possible price, free delivery to your home (on Moroccan Oil itself and orders over £30.00), and the genuine product.

Save 25% Off KMS shampoo, conditioner and styling products at

June 29, 2010

What better way to celebrate the summer than to offer huge savings on a great hair care range. Well that is exactly what is doing with KMS hair care with double savings on KMS shampoos, conditioners and styling products from

 Firstly there is a huge 25% off ALL KMS products in the summer sale. Many shops do big discounts off a few products, or products no one wants, but is offering 25% Off all KMS shampoos, conditioners and styling products. So you can pick your favourite KMS products confident that you are getting it at some of the lowest genuine prices on the web.

 In addition to the great KMS savings, if your order is over £30.00 and for delivery in the UK, it will come free of charge, that is free delivery for all UK orders over £30.00, adding up to massive saving compared to most other shops.

 This offer is so good we cannot offer it for a long period, it is a limited offer to help launch the KMS range on, and to bring our wide range of luxury salon brands to even more potential customers.

 25% off all KMS hair care at is the on-line luxury salon brand retail arm of the extremely successful HEAD to TOE salon near Oxford, England. We specialise in offering the world’s leading luxury salon brands at an affordable price, and delivering direct to your door. Brands include KMS, Kerastase, Paul Mitchell, Aveda, Moroccan Oil, GHD, Cloud Nine, She Hair, Elemis, Matis, Jessica, St Tropez, Fake Bake, Vogetti, Valera, Angus Rock, New Cid Cosmetics, HEAD to TOE.

Paul Mitchell Hair care sale at

June 2, 2010
Paul Mitchell shampoo, Conditioners, and styling products for sale at

Paul Mitchell Hair care products on sale at

Paul Mitchell hair care products and Head to Toe Shop have been associated with each other for nearly twenty years, and that relationship has just got stronger with the same high quality customer service being available now on-line from with products delivered direct to your door.

Paul Mitchell shampoos, conditioners and styling products have become world famous for the quality ingredients and ground breaking products that they make available. Paul Mitchell is proud to only have their products sold by professional hairdressers, and from high quality hair salons, which is why they choose to have Head to Toe as one of their exclusive salons in the Oxford area. is the on-line retail arm of the successful Oxford based five star hair and beauty spa salon Head to Toe, based in Wootton near Oxford. Head to Toe Shop specialised in the world’s leading premium luxury salon brands, by offering specialist advice and customer service, whilst at the same time delivering quality products at a discounted sale price.

 ‘We aim to make the very best salon brands available to a wider customer base, and to offer support and advice on the best and most suitable products for those customers who cannot make it into our salon. The advice is the same either on-line or in person, it is just delivered in a slightly different way’ comments Angus Rock, one of the owners of the Head to Toe salon. ‘We are very proud of the efforts we go to in trying to help people select the right product to solve their specific problems. The Paul Mitchell range has been a very successful range for us for many years due to the philosophy of Paul Mitchell themselves, and we are confident that by making the products available on-line we can offer that same level of service and advice to many more customers.’

 The on-line shop at offers some of the world’s leading salon brands including Paul Mitchell, Kerestase, KMS, GHD, Cloud Nine, Elemis, Matis skincare, Jessica Nails, St Tropez, Fake Bake, La Brasiliana, She Hair and many more. Orders in the UK over £30.00 get free doorstep delivery, and the option to have free gift wrapping.